Trangia Stoves 27-5 Ultralight


Series 27 offers good stoves for the lone walker or two people. The pans are smaller and the kettle is sized accordingly. A small, compact stove that takes up minimal room in the rucksack. Here too, large billies can be placed on the raised supports in the upper windshield.

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Ultralight Aluminium. Stove with two non-stick 1-litre saucepans (1 graded, 1 ungraded), one non-stick frypan (18 cm), windshields (upper and lower), a burner, a pan grip, and strap.

  • Ultralight /UL – our advanced base material. Aluminum is a lightweight material with good thermal conductivity. Ultralight aluminum (UL), an alloy called 5005 is 50% stronger than regular aluminum and thanks to that, the material can be thinner and the stoves becomes more lightweight . All parts of the stove are now made in UL except the kettle which are made of plain aluminum.
  • Nonstick – or teflon as it´s also called, is used mainly in the frying pan, but you can find it in the pots too. It´s a coating that provides a perfect surface for low fat cooking. It’s easy to clean because nothing sticks. Nonstick is a bit more sensitive material so use only wood or plastic tools in these vessels. You should also protect the pots and frying pan when transporting for a longer lifetime of the nonstick surface.

Dimensions (packed together): 18.5 x 10 cm, weight 745 g.



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Weight 0.745 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 10 cm


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