Ice Mate Cool Towel


N-rit Ice Mate Cool Towel is super easy to use with three simple steps: Wet it, Wring it, and Wear it! Just apply water to activate the cooling technology in the Cool-X fabric and beat the heat with this icy cool towel. N-rit Ice Mate Cool Towel is reusable and machine washable makes it easy to clean. Perfect for hiking, boating, cycling, camping and any outdoor activities wherever you need to stay cool and feel fresh.
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  1. Quickly cool the inside of the mesh and on the reverse side which forms a soft and dry.
  2. Quickly absorbs the moisture and take away the heat from your body.
  3. Excellent absorbency and moisture retention capabilities prevent clothes not get wet.
  4. Idea for using such as sports, camping, and summertime outdoor activities.

TOWEL SIZE: 100 x 20 cm

FABRIC: Outshell – polyester 100%; Lining – Polyester 93%, Spandex – 7%




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Light Blue, Yellow, Orange


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